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St Mark's wishes 'to see Christ honoured as Lord and Saviour in our community'. 'We commit ourselves afresh, in prayerful dependence on the Holy Spirit, to glorify God and love our neighbour by proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ, calling people to repent and living lives worthy of him.' 1

To give a more structured approach to our mission, five aspects have been identified: 2

  • Witness to Christ's saving, forgiving, reconciling love for all people
  • Build welcoming, transforming communities of faith
  • Stand in solidarity with the poor and needy
  • Challenge violence, injustice and oppression, and work for peace and reconciliation
  • Protect, care for and renew life on our planet.

St Mark's is a church for all seasons – its members enjoy a variety of worship styles.

It is known in the local community for its liturgical worship and choral tradition - the Eucharist and music being very much a part of the weekly rhythm of inspiring worship. Alongside that tradition, a family focussed contemporary service of praise and prayer is enjoyed every Sunday by those seeking a more informal service.

St Mark's is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare, and safety of all people, particularly children and the vulnerable within its own community of faith. To this end we have adopted a 'Safe Ministry Policy', which can be viewed here.

Our community is a parish of the Sydney Diocese within the Anglican Church of Australia.

1 Sydney Diocese Vision and Mission
2 Based on The Five Marks of Mission of the Anglican Consultative Council as adapted by Anglican Board of Mission


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