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Walcker pipe organ

O praise the Lord: O praise him in the assembly of the faithful. cf Psalm 149.1

The ministry of music is of vital importance to the life and worship at St Mark's. Congregational singing and the choir are normally accompanied by the pipe organ.

Built in 1960 by E.F. Walcker & Cie., Ludwigsburg, Germany, the organ was installed by the firm's Australian representative, Mr Peter Lawson.

The organ comprises two manuals and pedals, and is capable of sensitive accompaniment and varied solo performance.

For technical details about the organ please visit the Organ Music Society of Sydney website, listed under Sydney Organs, South Hurstville.

Organ Resoration

St Mark's pipe organ has been restored. Alleluia!

The Organ Refurbishment Fund was launched and dedicated at the Choral Eucharist on Sunday 20 July 2008. The organ refurbishment addressed the effects of ageing within the components of the organ in the harsh Sydney climate, especially 50 years of accumulated dirt and the breakdown of leather seals which is causing air to escape and notes to fail or warble. As part of the refurbishment the organ was cleaned, all pipes (and their tuning slides and caps) removed and cleaned, the rack-boards and toeboards on the windchests taken up, the windchest tables repaired, the stop sliders and leather seals replaced and modified, new pipe tuning slides fitted, tuning caps re-felted, spring-loaded tuning slides cleaned, all parts correctly re-installed and pipes tuned.

The estimated original cost was $25,000. If nothing was done to correct the problem, more and more notes would have failed and the organ would of become unplayable. The work was completed in the first quarter of 2009.

An organ specialist and St Mark's Organist, Lois Little laboured long hours to have the organ ready for 2009 Holy Week celebrations. Those with a good ear are remarking on the transformation in the quality of the sound. The specialist said that "it is probably now sounding as it was intended to for the first time!" In the course of the work some unanticipated need for repairs to the Pedal seals and sliders was discovered – partly due to damage caused by water from unnoticed leaks in the ceiling above the organ. The additional cost to complete the repair and refurbishment is around $9,000.

Organ bench

Adjustable organ bench

On 13 May 2018, a new adjustable organ bench was dedicated in memory of a chorister, Marlene Mylecharane. It was sourced from a German supplier by Peter D G Jewkes Pty Ltd.  It is made of oak timber, fully adjustable, and polished to match the organ case.

The new bench is consistent with St Mark's desire to ensure our 'worship and work places' are compliant with good work health & safety practices.

The cost of the organ bench was kindly donated by choristers and others in the congregation.

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